#1 Colombian HipHop Flooding the Internet
#1 Colombian HipHop Flooding the Internet
#1 Colombian HipHop Flooding the Airwaves In Queens NY
#1 Colombian HipHop Flooding the Airwaves In Queens NY
#1 Colombian HipHop Flooding the Airwaves In Colombia
#1 Colombian HipHop Flooding the Airwaves In Colombia
About TonySour
Antonio Garcia aka "TonySour" born 1990 in New York City, Antonio comes from a hard working Colombian family. Around when he was just two years old, his family relocated him to Cali, Colombia where he was raised by his grandmother; the reason for his departure was due to his father being incarcerated in Europe and mother trying to keep the family afloat. When Antonio was just 11 years old, his mother brought him back to Queens NYC where he would enroll in school. Soon after that, Antonio found himself dropping out of school at the 9th grade and decided to start working. Antonio quickly found out that working a 9 to 5 wasn't easy and saw that he wasn't going anywhere without a career. Antonio realized that his real passion was music, and he decided to pursue his true dream of becoming a musician. He believed in himself so much that he had his sights on becoming the best Latin hip-hop artist. Antonio started grinding and got some helpful advice from his grandfather who was a mentor to him. Antonio would spend time sampling old classic's flows with his grandfather giving him the creative spark he would thrive for. Soon after that, Antonio started spitting at around the age of fifteen, being influenced by rappers like 2pac, Notorious B.I.G, big L, Immortal Technique to name a few. Antonio realized his true potential by the constant encouragement of his peers, so after that Antonio would become sour, TonySour that is, stayed tuned world!!!
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